A national voice for patients”- “Listening to patients, speaking up for change

Background: Founded in 2011 by 10 patient’s NGOs, The Uganda Alliance of Patient’s Organizations (UAPO) is a registered non-profit organization. UAPO is a unique civil society network leading the way to a Uganda free from preventable suffering, disability and death caused by poverty related and neglected diseases.

UAPO builds links between different disease areas and their support systems. Our strategic priorities are achieved through collaboration and partnership with other patient and advocacy organizations, representatives from all levels of government, healthcare professionals, industry members, private sector entities, Pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, policy makers, NGOs, academics, WHO, researchers, consumer organizations, Patient advocacy groups and other individuals. We engage in health policy, research & development, technology and emerging issues relevant to UAPO members.Our strategic relations help us to strengthen the evidence base and sustainable interventions for high quality healthcare.

UAPO works to raise public awareness on key healthcare issues including the control, prevention and management of both communicable and no communicable diseases; Promote health literacy, healthy lifestyles, patient safety, advocate for access to preventative services and quality treatments and the safe use of medicines. Our connection with patients at the community level means we are well placed to work in partnership with key healthcare stakeholders such as WHO, ministry of Health, regulatory authorities and private sector to strengthen the evidence base for cost-effective management strategies of communicable and no communicable diseases.
Experience indicates that It is only with patient engagement at all levels of healthcare decision-making that healthcare systems can be designed and delivered to meet the needs of patients

UAPO welcomes all Ugandans with poverty related and neglected diseases (PRNDs) TB, epilepsy, sickle cell, Hepatitis B, Cancer, mental health, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and those who support UAPO’s goals to become members. It supports cross-sector health dialogues, innovation.  We are dedicated to advocating for an effective and efficient health system built on a strong foundation of patient centered health and meaningful patient’s participation in research& development in Uganda. The Patient centered health care is an approach to health care that grantees quality and safety. While each member organization continues its own work, the Alliance provides a central focus for national Poverty Related &Neglected Diseases (PRNDs) initiatives.

Our strength lies in the fact that Patients’ Organization shave expertise and rich experience which, in a structured partnership with key healthcare stakeholders, they contribute to strengthening healthcare services in Uganda especially with focus to universal access and patient centered health care.

Supporting Patients with chronic diseases and lifelong conditions have access to quality patient centered health-care services

" Patients at the center of Healthcare, Research and Develpment"