Governance & Management

The UAPO Advisory Board comprises of volunteer advocates from different diseases areas and professionals who bring personal experience and professional knowledge at strategic leadership level. In the capacity of expert patients, they ensure the patients perspective is  represented on health issues related to prevention, treatment  and policy direction. Individually and collectively, we communicate to state and non state actors on critical health care matters. The centrality of leadership remains a critical ingredient in determining the extent, commitment efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the patient’s involvement in health care,research and development in Uganda and the region. Through its governance, leadership and human resource structures, UAPO influences health care agenda in Uganda and globally

UAPO is pleased to work with our many Members to ensure all work is in the best interest of patients and our relationships are clearly defined.

PATRON: Dr. Fredrick Nakwagala


1.Mrs. Regina Mariam Namata Kamoga

2.Rita Sembuya

3.Ms.Ruth Nankanja Mukiibi

4.Mr. Kenneth Kabagambe

5. Ms.  Molly Rwankole

6. Mr. Mugarura Augustine

7 .Ms.  Gertrude Nakigudde

8. Mr. Joshua Wamboga ( Ex-Officio, Executive Director UAPO)


  1. Mr. Joshua wamboga
  2. Mr. John Amanya.
  3. Ms. Jennifer wabulyu
  4. Mr.Phannuel mwami
  5. Ms. Jackie Nakato
  6. Mr.Robert kakembo Abubaker

" Patients at the center of Healthcare, Research and Develpment"