About UAPO: The Uganda Alliance of Patient Organizations (UAPO) is a registered credible non- for- profit providing a voice for patients across disease areas; Cancer, epilepsy, sickle cell, Hepatitis B, mental health, (HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular diseases etc) and promote patient-centered healthcare in Uganda. UAPO through its members work to raise public awareness on key healthcare issues including the control, prevention and management of both communicable and non-communicable diseases; Promote health literacy, healthy lifestyles, patient safety, advocate for access to preventative services and quality treatments and the safe use of medicines. Our connection with patients at the community level helps us to work in close partnership with key healthcare stakeholders; WHO, Pharmaceuticals, ministry of Health, regulatory authorities and private sector to strengthen the evidence-base for cost-effective management strategies of diseases.

OUR VISION: “All patients in Uganda at the center of health Care, research & Development”

OUR MISSION:“Facilitating an environment where patients are empowered to engage service providers, researchers & policy makers in increasing access to better and sustainable health services”.

WHAT WE DO: UAPO builds links between different disease areas and their support systems. Our strategic priorities are achieved through collaboration and partnership with other patient and advocacy organizations, representatives from all levels of government, healthcare professionals, private sector entities, Pharmaceutical industry, regulatory authorities, policy makers, NGOs, academics, WHO, researchers, consumer organizations, Patient advocacy groups and other individuals. We engage in health policy, research & development, community & health systems strengthening, maternal newborn and child health, orphaned and vulnerable children innovation and emerging issues relevant to UAPO members.


  1. Promote meaningful involvement and engagement of patients in their health care, research & development to improve access to quality and better health care services.
  2. Empower patients and advocate with a strong patient’s voice on relevant aspects of health care policy to influence health agendas and policies in Uganda, regional and global levels
  3. Empower and strengthen the capacity of patients, families as well as health-care providers to collaborate and partner in efforts to improve health care safety, quality and centeredness.
  4. Promote health literacy on safe medicines/use of safe medicines for quality improvement in health care service delivery system
  5. Stimulating and promoting patient centered research and clinical trials including to receive timely access to new treatments
  6. Eliminate preventable harms and unnecessary health care costs by meaningfully engaging patients and their families within a supportive, redesigned health care and community systems
  7. Establish regular communications within the patients Network including members exchanging information, resources and best practices
  8. Developing existing patient-led groups and encouraging and facilitating the setting up of new groups
  9. Provide disease impact mitigation measures to improve the wellbeing of patients and their households.
  10. Developing UAPO’s Capacity for sustainability to deliver on its mandate
  11. Improve patient-provider relationships & Increase access to patient information to promote and protect their rights

To meet its aims and in addition to its membership, UAPO works directly with healthcare professionals, Health authorities, communities, regulators, policy makers, pharmaceutical companies, the media and anyone involved in the patients community work and promotion of their rights.

UAPO Internship Overview

Do you want experience working in charity community development and relations? Do you want to immerse yourself in African cultures while making a difference at a grassroots level?   Do you want to gain practical experience in charity operations and community development projects on this exciting internship with Uganda Alliance of patient’s organizations? Work alongside projects run by UAPO and her member organizations for Impact in Africa – immersing yourself in local cultures and customs to improve the wellbeing of communities while managing donations, raising the profile of the charity and hosting fundraising events and online initiatives.

Not only will this internship bring your CV to the next level, it will give you memories that will last a lifetime. In our work an internee is expected to work alongside the local Uganda patient’s organization to promote the charity both on the ground and online, mostly through social media and the official UAPO website. This involves fundraising events, encouraging others to help us make more of a difference through their own fundraising or business sponsorship is a great achievement and involves learning and using a number of skills.

Perhaps, the biggest highlight is working in local communities to promote development and research through empowering vulnerable populations, enriching patients’ lives with health literacy and promoting healthy living.

UAPO’s internship program is competitive, and practical. We shall always have anywhere from 3 – 10 internees working at UAPO and Member organizations at any given time. The internships range from community empowerment, marketing, fundraising to policy level working directly with vulnerable populations; patients-led groups. If you are looking to join a dynamic team, learn the ins and outs of the non-profit world, and expand your skill set, send us your resume and cover letter.

Internees shall abide by the guidelines established by UAPO. They are expected to be professional in their respective offices; in the hours they work, in their manner of dress, and in their relationships with other members of the staff.

Our internships offer the opportunity for graduates to further their career goals. Internees are expected to maintain a high level of ethics and professionalism during their stay at the internship site as this will contribute to the overall perception of the student by the fellow colleagues and supervisors. They should also demonstrate a high desire to learn and engage fully in the organization’s activities under guidance. UAPO internships offer the opportunity to gain excellent work experience, considerably increasing employment potential.

Internship duration: Minimum 15-20 hours per week required for the duration of the internship, at least a minimum of 3 to 4 months.

What will I be doing while at UAPO? General job activity outlines

1.    Gain valuable work experience in the NGO and community development sector as well as practical work experience with Ugandan communities

2.    Rural Healthcare & disease prevention Awareness and social support to vulnerable populations; involving child care and community systems strengthening to improve quality of health care service delivery

3.    Alert marketing and Fundraising Internship; the lifeblood of any charity is the money donated by others, whether through individual and corporate giving, or via grant funding.  This internship will allow you to become involved in all aspects of promoting the activities of UAPO and its partners. In addition, you will also be involved directly with the management of donations and the supervision of the implementation of the funds. This will include all financial aspects as well as monitoring, evaluating and reporting on all donations.

4.    NGO Public Relations  and Communications; UAPO will offer a unique opportunity for Public Relations and Communications Internees to gain hands-on practical experience working with a NGO dedicated to promoting patient-centered health care and health literacy awareness within an African setting

5.    Advocacy and policy; if you are interested in pursuing a career in advocacy, this life-changing Internship will give you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the evidence-based advocacy and policy, on local, national and international level!

6.    Operational Research Internship; this is a critical part of UAPO’s work. We undertake in our community health care activities at all member organizations. Internees will work closely with our teams on the collection and analysis of data. Participants are also actively involved in the creation of new studies, monitoring existing ones, and creating of other opportunities.

7.    Internees shall also assist UAPO to gain a further understanding of western culture

8.    There may be additional assignments based on the candidate’s experience and ability

All internees at UAPO will be under the supervision of FIELD COORDINATOR who shall address any queries or inquiries to them. They will be attached to field supervisors .Internees are expected to consult with their supervisors regarding any unanticipated or unplanned absence from the scheduled days during the placement.

Internship fees

Internees are expected to pay internship fee to UAPO of 700 US dollars which will cater for their accommodation and transport to and fro the Entebbe International airport and to the welfare of the host organization. Internees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the organization although guidance will be given for the first week to avoid being stuck or lost.

What’s not included in the cost?

  1. Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  2.  Return flights
  3. Personal insurance cover for the duration of your placement – to include cover for repatriation and air evacuation
  4. Visa – please note that the programme fee does not cover the cost of Visa’s,– while we will assist you in providing all of the relevant information required to arrange your Visa, it will be the internees responsibility to ensure they have the necessary Visa for Uganda
  5. All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)

How To Apply:

Email your resume, cover letter, and writing sample (2 pages max) to:

1.    Email: uapoinfo@gmail,com

Tel: +256755831021/+256772860914


2.    Stewart George Chester Dickson , Partnership and programs Manager





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