The Cardiac Disease Stakeholders meeting Report, 10th October 2017, at Mulago Hospital, Kampala


Uganda Alliance of patients’Organizations (UAPO) in partnership with LevMed and Uganda Heart Institute have  launched the first steps of “Heart Afya” campaign in Uganda.The  vision of the campaign is to increase patients access to diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of cardiac disease, even in the most remote locations and rural areas

The heart of the initiative is the LevMed ECG Mobile Kit.The LevMed Mobile ECG Kit allows anyone to perform a 12-lead Hospital Grade ECG assessment, including non-professionals.

Using the ECG Belt, the goal is to enable as many people as possible to be screened for ECG, so to be able to diagnose heart problems at an early enough stage so to provide treatment thus preventing possible devastating outcomes.

On October 10th the /Uganda Heart Institute hosted an event discussing our initiative and product, in which they provided  positive feedback and collaboration has been initiated.

Please the following is some more information:

  1. A report broadcasted live by NBS from the event hosted by the Heart Institute:

  1. An article published by the Daily Monitor, a day following the event at the Heart Institute – attached.
  2. An interview with Dr. Martin Opio, the Medical Director of Kitovu Hospital, Masaka, and some more data about the clinical findings there:

  1. My personal journal from a 10-day visit to Kitovu hospital in July:

  1. An article by Dr. Ian Clarke, published by the Sunday Vision:

One of the goals of this initiative is to create an environment that allows Mobile ECG Kit to be provided to customers at a reasonable cost, so to truly increase patients access to diagnosis of cardiac disease.



Leadership talent management workshop  Report, 21st – 24th August 2017, Kampala,Uganda



From the 21st to the 24th of August 2017, there were two Leadership talent management Workshops organized by Uganda Alliance of Patients’ Organizations(UAPO) in collaboration with Africa Next Project, Canada. The workshop took place in Kampala, Uganda at THETA offices. The topic was “Leadership in a Caring Environment” using the LEADS frame work. UAPO is the umbrella organization that includes member organizations like; CHAIN, TASO, ESAU, UWOCASU, NACARE, AGHA, NOPLHB and Sickle Cell Association among others. UAPO builds links between different disease areas to promote the Patients role in health care, research and development. This is aimed at improving access to quality healthcare and acceleration of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Uganda
The Learning Objectives of the workshop included;
 Participants recognizing their own leadership strengths and areas for development based on the LEADS framework
 Participants fulfilling a personal commitment to learning leadership as identified in the program
 Participants enacting one new leadership practice upon return to their workplace
UAPO invited the facilitators Graham Dickson, Stewart Dickson and Heather Westaway from Africa Next Project, Canada and Deshishis Basu from South Africa.


Read the full Report here:Report about UAPO Leadership Workshop

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