1. Promote meaningful involvement and engagement of patients in their health care, research & development to improve access to quality and better health care services.
  2. Empower patients and advocate with a strong patient’s voice on relevant aspects of health care policy to influence health agendas and policies in Uganda, regional and global levels
  3. Empower and strengthen the capacity of patients, families as well as health-care providers to collaborate and partner in efforts to improve health care safety, quality and centeredness.
  4. Promote health literacy on safe medicines/use of safe medicines for quality improvement in health care service delivery system
  5. Stimulating and promoting patient centered research and clinical trials including to receive timely access to new treatments
  6. Eliminate preventable harms and unnecessary health care costs by meaningfully engaging patients and their families within a supportive, redesigned health care and community systems
  7. Establish regular communications within the patients Network including members exchanging information, resources and best practices
  8. Developing existing patient-led groups and encouraging and facilitating the setting up of new groups
  9. Provide disease impact mitigation measures to improve the wellbeing of patients and their households.
  10. Developing UAPO’s Capacity for sustainability to deliver on its mandate
  11. Improve patient-provider relationships & Increase access to patient information to promote and protect their rights

To meet its aims and in addition to its membership, UAPO works directly with healthcare professionals, Health authorities, regulators, politicians, pharmaceutical companies, the media and anyone involved in the patients community’ work.


  • Accessibility
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to diversity
  • Integrity
  • Representation

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" Patients at the center of Healthcare, Research and Develpment"